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Can silicone cups be used for making tea?

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Silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, which is an amorphous substance. The main component is silica, which is chemically stable and does not burn.

In recent years, silicone products have been widely used, and they are prepared into various daily necessities, such as water cups. Is there any harm to the body when using silicone water cups to make tea?

Silicone water cups are silicone products that are in direct contact with the body. Generally, food-grade silicone is used, which is non-toxic and odorless. They have passed the FDAROSH test and certification, and all food-grade has high temperature resistance, so there is no need to worry about toxic substances at high temperatures Yes, food-grade silicone products are currently used in baby bottles. It will not affect the taste of the tea. However, making tea in a silicone cup will cause stains in the cup and it is not easy to clean.

If you are afraid that glass water cups or ceramic water cups are inconvenient and fragile to use, you can use food-grade silicone water cups!

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