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Five advantages of folding chairs

At present, as people’s understanding of outdoor sports is becoming more scientific and more involved, China’s outdoor sports are booming, and the overall outdoor sports

How to choose a folding chair

1. Welding position: if the folding chair is a steel frame structure, pay attention to the smooth welding position without gap, and the coating should

fitness pull rope

Method for making fitness pull rope

Fitness pull rope is a commonly used fitness equipment, which uses the force of pulling to exercise the body and increase the muscle strength. Because

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Tips for using tension rope

(1) The high-position tensioner curling with both hands allows you to do curls while raising your arms, so that your brachial muscles can be exercised

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Can the pull rope lose weight?

Pull rope exercises can help exercise the arm strength, make the arms stronger, and at the same time can strengthen the chest muscles, lung capacity,

Pull back rope 1

Pull rope back exercise method

It’s cold, don’t want to go outdoors or the gym. Then the tension rope is your best helper, allowing you to simply exercise your back

rope training method 1

rope training method

1. Exercises for waist and abdominal muscles Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, tighten your abdomen, step forward with your left leg in an inward

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Pull rope maintenance method

1. Frequently check the integrity of the tension rope, and discover potential safety hazards in advance. Please replace it when it is damaged or cracked,

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The best pull rope exercise method

Standing shoulder press 1. Simultaneous press: Step on the pull rope, stand back and forth with both feet, hold the handle of the pull rope


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