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Football socks

The Role of Football Socks

1. Protecting the calf is the most important thing; 2. At the same time It is to install the leg guards, but also to make

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The Purchase and Use of Football Socks

1. Professional socks for players are generally made of Lycra cotton, the disadvantage is that the price is too high; generally speaking, towel bottom socks

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Football Socks Lead the Fashion

Football socks are not just things on the pitch. In Japan, the upper body of football socks has become a trendy item and is widely

How to Choose Sock Size

Method1 By Foot Length 1 Stand on a ruler and measure the length of the longest part of your foot. Place a ruler flat on the ground

How to choose your running socks

Are running socks important?   When many people are running, they will randomly pick a pair of socks from the pile of socks, and then

Socks manufacturer

Different Fabrics of Socks

bamboo fiber Recommendation index: ★★★ advantage: 1. Prevent foot odor, bamboo fiber socks have good perspiration and ventilation effects. It is a good choice to

China sports socks manufacturer

The Main Classification of Sports Socks

1.1 Yoga socks Yoga exercises mainly practice flexibility and balance, so choosing socks is particularly important. The bottom of the yoga socks has a rubber

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Why we wear floor socks

In addition, wear floor socks indoors, the floor is not easy to get dirty, so not only is it convenient to wash socks but also


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