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Four Elements of Home Decoration

1.Spatial elements

In the room decoration design, the use of space should be reasonable. That is, the reasonable distribution of room space and the expansion and supplement of room space. The distribution of indoor space is generally divided into three parts: rest area, activity area and living area according to living habits. The rest area is the area for sleep and rest, which should be relatively quiet and hidden with smooth air; The activity area includes study, work, hospitality and entertainment areas, which are required to be relatively spacious, clean and beautiful; The living area is a dining and cleaning area, and the room is required to be ventilated, safe and clean.

2.Color elements

Design interior color, including the choice of wall and ground color, furniture color, fabric color, etc. Indoor color not only has an impact on vision, but also directly affects people’s emotion and psychology. Scientific color use is conducive to people’s physical and mental health, which can not only meet the functional requirements, but also obtain the beautiful effect. At the same time, the use of a variety of color changes, depth, fancy, etc., can also achieve cold, warm, quiet, lively and other effects. For the treatment of the tone of the whole room, first determine a main tone, and then consider the coordination with other colors. The center of bedroom color generally refers to the coordination of the colors of walls, floors, doors, windows and fabrics after the color of furniture is determined.

3.Light element

The use of light effect in indoor space is one of the characteristics of modern interior design. Sunshine is an important factor of nature, so we should be good at using it in design. After nightfall, the lighting in the room can play a key role in the atmosphere and mood. Moreover, the combination of different styles of lamps and lanterns with the indoor environment can form a variety of different styles of indoor mood and different styles of environmental atmosphere. Optical effect shall also be considered when selecting lamps. For example, ceiling lamps are used, and the roof interface has an upward feeling; Ceiling lamp is adopted, and the roof interface has a downward feeling; The space with strong light gives people a sense of expansion.

4.Decorative elements

Room decoration mainly refers to the materials, colors, patterns, textures and practices of indoor walls, floors and ceilings. The function of indoor wall decoration is to protect the wall, meet the functional requirements of indoor use, and provide a beautiful and clean living environment. The indoor wall is close to people, so the decorative materials used can not have smell, and people can not pollute clothes after contact, with soft and delicate texture. The decoration in the room had better have certain air permeability. In addition to beauty, the floor or ceiling decoration also has the functions of compartment and moisture-proof. The selection of materials shall be based on the needs of use functions and coordinated with the overall interior decoration.

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