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Advantages of Daily Use Ceramics

Home Decor

The porcelain for daily use is popular and used for the broad masses of people for a long time, because it has the following advantages:

First, easy to wash and keep clean. Porcelain glazed bright, delicate, easy to wash after use.

Second, good thermal stability, slow heat transfer. The performance of tableware with sharp thermal quench undergo a certain temperature change is not easy to crack. It is better than glass, it is a poor conductor of heat, heat transfer is slow. To hold the boiling water or hot food, take too hot.

Third, stable chemical properties, durable. This better than metal products such as copper, iron, aluminum is superior to porcelain with a carbonic acid and alkali, salt erosion and air capacity of gas, is not easy with these chemical reactions, not rust aging.

Fourth, porcelain is very little, the water absorption rate is very low. Use daily porcelain to store food, close to the seal, to prevent water evaporation in food, infiltration and the outside world of bacteria.

Fifth, rich and colorful decorative painting, especially the high temperature glaze color and blue and white decoration, such as lead-free poisoning hazards, can be bold to use, very popular with people.

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