Best Yiwu Wholesale Markets Guide: How to Source Products Here

Yiwu Wholesale Markets

China has opened up to welcome importers to shop at Yiwu Wholesale Markets, one of the world’s largest wholesale markets for small commodities, with a wealth of merchandise resources and quality services, making it an ideal location for overseas buyers to make purchases. This article will give you a detailed overview of the process and possible problems of buying from Yiwu Wholesale Markets.

Where are the Yiwu Wholesale Markets?

Yiwu is a city in the eastern part of China’s Zhejiang Province and one of the largest wholesale markets for small commodities in China. There are several wholesale markets in Yiwu, among which the more famous ones include the International Trade City, Yiwu Commodity City and Yiwu Cultural Market.

The International Trade City is located in the Choujiang Street of Yiwu City, with an advantageous geographical location, and is one of the largest, highest grade and strongest comprehensive wholesale markets in the Yiwu market. Yiwu Commodity City is located in Beiyuan Street of Yiwu City, which is also a very famous wholesale market. Yiwu Culture Market is located in the 23rd Lane Street of Yiwu City, and is a wholesale market focusing on cultural and creative products.

If you need to visit a Yiwu Wholesale Markets, it is advisable to decide which market you want to visit first and then find out the exact address and transportation route of that market.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Tips of Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu International Trade City is one of the largest wholesale markets for small commodities in China, with a large scale and a wide range of goods, making it a must-visit for many buyers. Here are some tips on what to do in Yiwu International Trade City that you may find helpful.

  1. Do your homework in advance: Before you go to Yiwu, you can get to know some of the popular goods and merchants in the market in advance, and have an idea of the prices and quality of the goods, which will help you to purchase goods more efficiently.
  2. Arrange your time: Yiwu International Trade City is very large, so it is advisable to plan your shopping time in advance and choose the types of goods and merchants you want to buy to avoid wasting time and energy.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the layout of the market: The market is divided into five zones, each with different types of goods and merchants, so you are advised to understand the layout of the market and the main types of goods in each zone before you go to the market so that you can find the goods you need more quickly.
  4. Taobao tips: You can use some Taobao tips when bargaining, such as asking for the price of a product, then asking the merchant for the lowest price, then offering your own price and finally negotiating a price that is acceptable to both parties.
  5. Pay attention to quality issues: The quality of goods in the market varies, so you are advised to check the quality and appearance of the goods carefully when buying them to avoid purchasing inferior products.
  6. Pay attention to safety issues: Yiwu International Trade City has a large flow of people, so you are advised to carry your valuables with you and take care of your belongings to avoid loss or theft.

Seven major professional Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Yiwu is one of the largest wholesale markets for small commodities in China. The Yiwu Wholesale Markets are divided into seven major professional markets.

Yiwu International Trade City

This market is one of the largest and most influential markets in Yiwu, mainly dealing with electronics, communications, home appliances, gifts, daily necessities, toys and other commodities.

Yiwu Commodity City

This market is one of the earliest commodity markets in Yiwu and is large in scale, mainly dealing with daily-use department stores, clothing, shoes and hats, bags, watches and glasses and other commodities.

Yiwu Cultural Market

This market is mainly for cultural and creative products, with a wide range of goods, mainly dealing with cultural supplies, handicrafts, gifts and other commodities.

Yiwu Auto & Motorcycle Market

This market mainly deals with automobiles, motorbikes and their accessories, and is one of the largest auto parts markets in China.

Yiwu Knitting City

This market mainly deals with knitted products, jumpers, woolen products, yarn and other commodities, and is large in scale.

Yiwu Leather Goods City

This market mainly deals with leather goods, bags, clothing and other commodities, and is large in scale.

Yiwu Hardware City

This market mainly deals with hardware, tools, building materials, wires and cables, pipe fittings and other commodities, and is large in scale.

The above are the seven major professional markets in Yiwu, each market has its own characteristics and business scope, buyers can choose to go to the corresponding market according to their needs.

How to find Yiwu Wholesale Markets suppliers in the 14 professional streets of Yiwu?

The fourteen professional streets in Yiwu are the fourteen main professional streets in the Yiwu market, each featuring the main types of goods operated, including knitting, leather goods, toys, stationery, clothing and so on.

If you want to find suppliers in Yiwu market, you can take the following methods.

Search on the Internet

Search for relevant information on the Internet, for example, search for “Yiwu market suppliers”, “Yiwu professional street market suppliers” and other keywords in search engines such as Baidu and Google, you can find some information for Yiwu Wholesale Markets.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Ask people in the industry

Buyers or agents working in the Yiwu Wholesale Markets can provide useful information and advice to help you find a suitable supplier.

Take a field trip to the Yiwu market

A field trip to the Yiwu Wholesale Markets allows you to get a first-hand understanding of the market and communicate directly with suppliers about your sourcing needs, which is more direct and efficient.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Find out about industry associations

Find out about industry associations related to the goods you are sourcing. You can find out some supplier information from the association’s official website or other channels.

Either way, you need to do your research and preparation work well in advance to have a good understanding of the market situation, supplier information and prices so that you can better source the goods you need.

How to communicate with Yiwu Wholesale Markets suppliers?

Face-to-face communication

It is best to visit the Yiwu Wholesale Markets and communicate with suppliers face-to-face, so that you can more directly understand the situation of goods, supply cycle, prices and other issues, and establish a better relationship.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Telephone communication

If you can’t communicate on the spot, you can communicate with the Yiwu Wholesale Markets suppliers by telephone or video call. Before communicating, you can prepare the required questions and information in advance and pay attention to the suggestions and opinions of the supplier.

Email communication

If time and location do not allow for telephone communication, the supplier can be contacted via email. In the email, you need to clearly state your procurement needs and specific questions, and provide relevant information where possible to facilitate the supplier’s understanding of your needs.

Third party platform communication

On some sourcing platforms, you can also communicate with Yiwu market suppliers online. These platforms can provide some additional functions, such as viewing products, placing orders and making payments online, which can make it easier and faster to communicate with suppliers.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Regardless of which communication method is used, the principle of good faith should be observed to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of both parties are protected during the communication process. At the same time, it is important to leave appropriate leeway when negotiating prices and not to lose the opportunity to work together for the sake of a momentary bargain.

Expert tips for dealing with Yiwu Wholesale Markets suppliers

Do market research in advance

Before dealing with suppliers, conduct sufficient research on the market to understand the types of products purchased, price range, market potential and other information in order to better select suppliers.

Build trust with suppliers

In the process of dealing with suppliers, pay attention to building trust with them, have a full understanding of their products, and express affirmation and trust in their products appropriately, which helps to establish a long-term relationship.

Pay attention to price negotiation skills

When negotiating prices with suppliers, pay attention to strategies and techniques, you can use reasonable asking prices, repeated price comparisons, and appropriate requests for discounts to obtain better purchase prices.

Build good communication channels

Dealing with suppliers requires maintaining good communication, asking suppliers to provide timely information feedback, and following the principle of good faith in the communication process and respecting the rights and interests of both sides.

Pay attention to risk control

When dealing with suppliers, pay attention to risk control to avoid undesirable situations such as quality problems of goods and delays in delivery. Measures such as signing contracts, inspecting the quality of goods and evaluating suppliers can be used to reduce risks.

Maintain a positive mindset

Dealing with suppliers is a long-term process that requires maintaining a positive mindset and continuous learning and improvement in order to improve your own purchasing capabilities and negotiation skills.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Certification required for Yiwu Wholesale Markets products

The certifications required for products in the Yiwu Wholesale Markets vary depending on the type of product and different products may require different certifications, the following are some common ones.

Electronic products

Electronic products need to be CE certified or FCC certified to ensure that they comply with European or US safety and EMC standards.

Toy products

Toy products need to be EN71 certified or ASTM certified to ensure that they comply with EU or US toy safety standards.


Textiles need to be Oeko-Tex certified or REACH certified to ensure that they comply with environmental standards and chemical restrictions.


Cosmetics need to be FDA certified or COSMETIC REGULATION certified by the European Union to ensure they comply with relevant safety standards and chemical composition restrictions.

Food products

Food products need to be HACCP certified or ISO22000 certified to ensure that they comply with food safety standards and production management standards.

When sourcing products from Yiwu wholesale market, you need to understand and confirm their required certifications to ensure their compliance with relevant standards and regulations to avoid losses and risks due to product quality issues.

How do I ship products from Yiwu to my country?

If you want to ship products from Yiwu to your country, you can consider the following ways.

Sea freight

Sea freight is one of the more commonly used methods of international freight transport. You can export sea freight through Yiwu Customs and choose the shipping method that suits your goods, such as full container or LCL transport. When choosing sea freight, you need to take into account the volume, weight, transport time and cost of the goods and other factors.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets


Airfreight is one of the fastest ways in international freight, suitable for some time urgent goods, but the cost is also relatively high. You can choose to ship from Yiwu airport, choose the airline and route suitable for your goods, and choose the suitable transport method according to the volume and weight of your goods.

Yiwu Wholesale Markets


If your goods are relatively small, you can choose express transport, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and other international express companies. This way is faster and suitable for some small batch of samples and sample orders.

In the process of transportation, you need to pay attention to matters such as packaging, insurance and customs clearance procedures to ensure that the goods are transported safely and in compliance with local regulations. You also need to know in advance the import policies, tariffs and tax rates of the destination country in order to avoid unnecessary troubles and costs. It is best to work with a reliable freight forwarder or logistics company to ensure the safe and smooth transportation of your goods.

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Yiwu Wholesale Markets

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