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Top Trends in China Wholesale Kitchen Products for 2023

China Wholesale Kitchen Products

In the context of the rapid development of China’s economy, china wholesale kitchen products are also experiencing rapid development. In the future, kitchen utensils will develop in the direction of green environmental protection, intelligence, integration, simplicity, and globalization.

1.Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage sets will become more and more popular for the following reasons: environmentally friendly, beautiful, good ventilation in kitchen storage, difficult to breed bacteria, a green and healthy kitchen, wide storage, truly multi-functional, beautiful and clean Object placement, creating an ideal new model for the kitchen.

China Wholesale Kitchen Products

2.Kitchen Appliance

With the integration of smart technology into our daily life,smart kitchen appliance will be the high trend in China wholesale kitchen products. Smart home appliances have many advantages such as convenience and practicality, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and reliability, and intelligent interconnection. With the continuous development of smart homes, it is believed that the scope of application of smart home appliances will become wider and wider, bringing more convenience and comfort to our lives

China Wholesale Kitchen Products

3.Wood element

The days of painted, glazed “antique” furniture everywhere are over (we’re fine with that!), but adding a little real wood to a room looks beautiful.It also removes the “new build” feeling if everything you have is new and factory built.

Wood is a natural material, which means it is biodegradable and renewable. Biodegradable means it is easily broken down and recycled by nature, it will return to the soil adding nutrients.

China Wholesale Kitchen Products

4.Multifunctional kitchenware

The multifunctional kitchenware is also one trend in China wholesale kitchen products,below spoon shown in the picture below not only reduces the weight of your equipment, saves space in your backpack, but also redefines the integrated tableware of cutlery and spoon. Innovatively connect the knife, fork and spoon into a compact whole through a female nail.

China Wholesale Kitchen Products

5.Kitchen Cabinet

Warm white and earth tones are becoming more and more popular, evolving from pure white to a warm, earthy and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen! Warm white or taupe cabinets are a great choice for lovers of formerly white kitchens.

Warm white looks soft and natural, which can bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to the whole kitchen. Also, if your furniture or walls are a warmer color, warm white cabinets will coordinate well with that color

China Wholesale Kitchen Products

No matter how the trend changes, it is a good choice to choose Greentime, we can provide you with customized services, in line with the latest trends, to ensure your satisfaction!

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