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Different material of candles

There are many different candles, candle jars, candle cups, candle bowls, etc. on the market. So what kind of materials are these different types of candles made of? Today I will take you to explore the origin.

First we start with the material of the candle container:

Usually very many candle containers are composed of ceramic, glass, frosted glass, resin, lime, iron, etc. Each type of container is generally composed of a single material, these materials are generally relatively strong and durable, non-flammable, otherwise it will cause deformation during use.

Let me show you some different container for candles:

IMG_6472 .jpg


IMG_6841 .jpg

can tin

IMG_7359 .jpg


IMG_6179 .jpg


About Candle material:

There are several materials for making candles, which are organized as follows:

Animal fat: usually made from tallow. The vaporization temperature of tallow is around 230 degrees, and the ignition point is slightly higher than 300 degrees. The main active ingredient is triglycerides.

Beeswax: basically does not contain triglycerides, but a higher ester formed by 16-carbon acid (palmitic acid or palmitoleic acid) and 30-carbon higher alcohol. A white wax insect produced in Sichuan, it secretes a kind of white wax on the ash tree. It has a white and delicate texture. It is called “Sichuan wax” and is also called Chinese white wax in the international market.

Cetylacetate: an ester formed from palmitol and palmitic acid each containing 16 carbons.

Vegetable wax: Mainly produced from tropical palm trees, sumac, candelilla, sugar cane, etc., it is more stable than animal wax sources. Among them, palm wax is highly similar to spermaceti.

Nowadays, the most commonly used is soy wax,some countries have anti-dumping policies on paraffin wax exported from China

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