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How to organize your kitchen utensils

1. Set up a dish rack to save trouble and keep the kitchen clean.
You can set up a dish rack next to the dishwasher. After clean it put the dishes vertically and buckle the bowl upside down on the shelf, which will soon make the dishes dry naturally, which is easy and clean.

2.There should be chopsticks barrel and knife rest, and keep them in the kitchen‘s airy environment
Chopsticks contact with the mouth most directly and frequently. They should be ventilated and dry when stored. Some people put chopsticks in the kitchen cabinet after washing, or in the airtight plastic chopsticks cylinder. These practices are not advisable. It is best to choose the chopsticks cylinder made of stainless steel wire with good air permeability, nail it on the wall or put it in a ventilated place, so that the water can be drained quickly. Some people are used to putting a clean cloth on chopsticks to prevent dust. In fact, as long as you wash it with clean water before use, covering the cloth will hinder the distribution of water. In addition, it is not advisable to put the kitchen knife in an airless drawer and knife rest. Similarly, a knife rest with good air permeability should be selected. Even if you want to put it like this, you must wipe it with water with a clean quick drying cloth before putting it.

3.Kitchen utensils should be placed in a ventilated and dry place

All kinds of kitchen utensils should be kept in good sanitary condition. In addition to cleaning, the storage environment is also very important. Its basic requirements are ventilation and drying. The used stainless steel pots and tools should be cleaned in time, dried in the air or ignited to dry, which is better.

4.Hanging a spoon, pot and shovel high

A strong cross bar shall be installed between the hanging cabinet and the kitchen cabinet or at a convenient place on the wall, and a hook shall be installed on the cross bar to hang the cleaned pot shovel, spoon, egg beater and vegetable basket on it. A dishcloth, dishwashing cloth and hand towel shall be hung at the far end from these appliances, and a stronger hook shall be installed at the other end of the cross bar to hang the vegetable cutting board. In this way, the kitchen can be kept clean and tidy, and all kinds of utensils can be picked up easily

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