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Disposable lunch box hazards

With the intensified competition in the social market, people’s lives are becoming faster and faster. Under such a development trend, the food delivery industry is rising like a new star. The rise of the take-out industry has driven the use of plastic tableware. Most take-out businesses will use low-cost and easy-to-operate plastic packaging boxes to install food. In this way, more and more plastic tableware appear in our vision. However, these What exactly has the ever-growing plastic tableware brought to our lives?

1. Damage our health

In order to deliver the order efficiency and keep the food warm, the food is placed in a plastic box. The plastic box will release toxic substances when it encounters high temperature. The toxic substances will enter our body with the food, and long-term consumption will carry toxic substances. Material food will have a great impact on our health;

According to the US “Environmental Observation” magazine, a synthetic chemical substance-phthalate, which is widely present in plastic toys, milk bottles, cosmetics and other plastic consumer products, may harm the reproductive organs of baby boys and affect children’s health. Sexual characteristics develop, and even cause cancer of the reproductive system. A paper published in “Endocrinology Monthly” pointed out that phenol methane, also a commonly used chemical in plastic products, may cause women to suffer from breast cancer, infertility, and so on.

2. Cause pollution to the environment

Plastic products are cheap and simple to make. Therefore, most of the plastic tableware used in our daily lives are disposable. These are abandoned disposable tableware. It cannot be recycled, and it takes a long time for the disposable tableware to be decomposed by nature. Over time, a large amount of undecomposed disposable plastic tableware causes pollution to our living environment;

The degradation time of plastic products usually takes at least 200 years. Waste agricultural film and plastic bags in the farmland remain in the field for a long time, which will affect the absorption of water and nutrients by the crops, inhibit the growth and development of the crops, and reduce the yield of the crops. If livestock eat plastic film, it can cause digestive tract diseases and even death.

Due to the soft foundation of the plastic film landfill site, harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the garbage can easily penetrate into the ground, pollute the groundwater and endanger the surrounding environment.

3. Soft texture, easy to deform

The texture of plastic products is relatively soft, so most non-disposable plastic tableware has a short service life, and plastic tableware is easily deformed when exposed to high temperatures.

4. Not easy to clean

Plastic products are easy to use, but cleaning is a very troublesome thing. Oil stains will be adsorbed on plastic products. Only detergents can be used to clean them.

Plastic tableware differs greatly in its heat resistance due to its different consumables. Most of the plastic tableware materials on the market are shoddy, and long-term use will affect our health. It is recommended that you choose glass or ceramic tableware as much as possible when choosing tableware that needs to be heated frequently.

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