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Disposable Tableware Use Hazards

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Disposable tableware use hazards

What are the hazards of using fake eco-friendly lunch boxes?

Fake environmentally friendly lunch boxes are products that contain a lot of inorganic mineral fillers such as talcum powder or calcium carbonate (there are also a few tableware made of waste plastic or waste paper, which are more harmful).

The acetic acid residue exceeds the national standard several times, and environmental protection and food hygiene are not good enough. It is easy to cause diseases such as gallstones in the human body and cause major health hazards.

Disposable tableware distinguishes quality

How can plastic lunch boxes be fake?

Inferior disposable plastic lunch boxes are popular with small restaurants because of their low price and you can buy one for a few cents.

For example, in the production of low-quality lunch boxes, a large amount of industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talcum powder, paraffin and other toxic and harmful materials are generally added, which poses a direct threat to the health of users.

The counterfeit environmentally friendly plastic lunch box is soft to the touch, and it breaks when it is lightly torn. It smells pungent and choking. It is easy to leak when heated; the counterfeit pulp lunch box has poor strength, dark color, and serious oil and water seepage; the packaging box There is no factory name, no trademark, and no production date on the lunch box; the counterfeit lunch box is heavier than the qualified product, and it is easy to sink when it is shredded and placed in the water

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