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Functiopn&Implication of Amethyst candle

  There is a very special candle with spar added to it. This approach is not only to make his appearance beautiful, but also contains a lot of meaning and functions. Next, let me explain to you one by one:

  The first is amethyst, which is the most common and personally considered the most beautiful. The reason why amethyst is purple is because it is mixed with iron. Amethyst can improve the self-healing ability of all parts of the body and contribute to health. Amethyst is suitable to be placed on workbenches and desks, which helps to improve people’s creative and thinking ability, and can also enhance memory and intelligence.

  The second type is citrine, which can reduce random thinking. Helps the health of the adrenal glands and colon. Citrine can stabilize the individual’s spirit, enhance fertility, reduce or prevent insomnia. For those who are nervous, citrine is very useful and can calm down.

  The third type is rose quartz, which is the best emotional stone. It can strengthen cardiorespiratory health and relax tension. People who wear and touch more can enhance their personal charm, attract the opposite sex, warm up their feelings, and meet people who suit them.

  Next is white crystal, which can make people clear and refreshing. It is mostly used to ward off evil spirits, get rid of illness, and is very helpful to career and health.

  In addition, there are aquamarine, moonstone, pink chalcedony, prehnite, etc., all of which contain their very profound meanings and functions.



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