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TOP 10 Hot Selling Wholesale Home Decoration Recommend

With the new year and spring coming, many consumers start to consider refresh their home. When decorating, they can reach a point of ‘what can I use?’. So what wholesale home decor or items are their favorites to decorate their houses to make them feel like home?

We hope the following list helps you when you have trouble determining.


The scented candle and fragrance, like aromatherapy, take quite considerable market share across North America and Europe. With the increased material conditions in society, people focus more on spiritual consumption. They heal people’s soul and relax the mind to make quite a nice choice for wholesale both online and offline.


If you are looking for more of atmosphere décor to suit sales in romantic or night life cities, RGB décor lights will be quite a catch. And RGB fits all styles like gaming, gothic, modern, and postmodern, etc. They can be applied in bedroom, playroom, gaming room, and balcony, etc.


With increasing environmental pressure on earth, people are paying more attention to nature then used to. With plants decoration at home, we’ll get closer to natural environment to get peaceful. The artificial plants save loss in delivery and can be combined with décor lights for more aesthetic looking.


Pillows and cushions are the essence of chairs. When you lean back on weekends, a pillow can relieve your stress and ease your back pressure. When the chair just stands in your living room, a pillow with beautiful pattern can be very casual while delicate home décor just for you.


People are seeing too many blank walls in public places and are getting dull. Wall décor is quite a necessary part for home décor to relieve people from that. Public spaces usually use glass or paintings, but for home use, they are of high-expense and high-maintenance. Many consumers choose to use wallpaper instead to save expense and the tedious installing procedure. Plus the wallpaper saves shipping expense as well, making it one of a top sale among home décor.


Another trend home décor for wholesale is curtains. Curtains can be replaced easily by customers manually, and countless styles make it one of the most popular products in European and Asian countries. Wholesalers can determine the styles to fit in the environment and culture of target market to get best sales.


For lights at home, we use cold-white for bright living room, warm-white for reading in the study, and dim night lights to sleep beside. A nice night lamp can not only protect your eyes at night, but serves as elegant décor in the bedroom to create the atmosphere.


For many customers, plants can never be fake. If you want a piece of the real plants cake, your best choice is vases. Vases can be placed on table, in balcony, on washstand, or any other places you fancy. With the vases, everybody can décor their houses easily. And due to the various styles like glass made, classic design, modern style, ceramic made, etc., the vases have a large market share and will appeal to a large number of customers.


Mirrors have been classic as square or rectangle at present in public places for so many years. It’s time that many people would love to make a change. There are now some designs in water dip shape, wave-sided, and bear-shaped, etc. But mirrors can also be combined with LED tubes to make perfect atmosphere décor. The combination can attract customers and make their places a better background to take pictures or serve as vanity use.


Photo frames are a less professional-required while potential big seller. With the photo frames, people can décor their houses with pictures of their friends or families – which is always the most personal décor at home. Plus it can be used in offices for co-workers’ pictures for wider application.

Now you figured out the categories you want to choose. At Ningbo Greentime, we have various home decor for your choice! With the above selections for home decor, you’ll boost your wholesale soon!

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