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Why Choose Silicone vs Plastic?

Silicone vs Plastic
When it comes to choosing the right materials for our products, we always do our research. We want to make sure you’re getting the safest, most eco-friendly options for your family. 

Silicone vs Plastic: Learn Why Silicone is Better for People and Planet

Silicone is durable, and more ocean-friendly than plastic. It lasts longer, and stands up better against heat and cold than plastics. It’s safer for your family, too, with no estrogen-mimicking toxins like BPA to worry about. It is odorless, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and has no open pores to harbor harmful bacteria. 

Yes, it’s recyclable, even though you might not be able to leave it with your curbside pick-up, and it can be incinerated safety without toxic off-gassing. When burned, silicone reverts back into its harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor (unlike plastic which releases toxins when burned).

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about silicone breaking or cracking for a long time! It’s super durable, resisting melting, breaking, and warping. Chances are our Blue Water Bento silicone lids will outlast anything your family can throw at them.  

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